Lighten Up


  • Behind every President of the United States-there stands a proud wife and a flabbergasted mother-in-law.
  • There’s nothing wrong with our foreign policy that faith, hope, and clarity couldn’t cure.
  • This horse took so long to come in, the jockey carried a change of saddle.
  • Internal Revenue Service: the world’s most successful mail order business.
  • You look at the news- murders, bombings, muggings-and sometimes you wonder, maybe the Native Americans should have had stricter immigration laws.
  • This could be very big! Plastic song sheets for people who sing in the shower.
  • I once knew a glassblower who got the hiccups. Turned out 700 crystal balls before we could stop him.
  • History tells us Lincoln once walked nine miles to borrow a book-so now we close libraries on his birthday.


Sometimes we need to lighten up. We get so worried about things that we forget to live. It is therapeutic to occasionally set our fears and uncertainties aside and enjoy the moment. Too much stress will often rob you of great experiences available all around you.




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