A Beautiful Day

I unplugged and walked into the country-side. The cool mist of the morning caressed my face refreshing my senses. The grass swished under my feet and little of the quietness soaked in,

Down the valley carpets of blue red and yellow flowers stretched before me. Blue spruce lined the far end of the floral mural highlighted by the rising sun.

A doe and a frisky fawn crossed the meadow seemingly unaware of my presence. Immobile and silent I watched them cross on out of sight.

I needed this. So much anger and hate in the media, in politics. I needed to remind myself that that’s not all there is. That’s not even a big part of the whole of human existence.

The music of the birds and the gentle breeze are so soothing. The warming sun caresses me and comforts me.

My day in nature is great. But I wonder if the lack of the negative is as much responsible for a great day as the beauty nature has to offer. I think both or either would do any soul good.

I need to have more great days. I need to consciously shut down the negative intake and on-purposeĀ  replace that with beauty of some sort.

I encourage all my friends to do the same. Remember…SMILE!




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