A Blog Hold

Due to a lack of resources as well as a personal computer there will be 3-4 week break until I can continue the blog. I apologize for the inconveniences.


The Good Old Days

Many things about the good old days weren’t so good. Outhouses, no air conditioning to name two. But in Mt Pleasant Iowa every labor day weekend thousands of people have fun revisiting the past at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion. Today I share some of the images.



I hope you have found something enjoyable this summer.


Be Happy. Be Careful.


Let’s revisit some humor.

  • What are they planting to grow seedless watermelons? Jerry Seinfeld
  • If we shouldn’t eat at night, why do they put lights in refrigerators?
  • How come you never see a headline “Psychic Wins Lottery”?
  • If all is not lost, where exactly is it?
  • Horse sense is the good judgment that prevents horses from betting on humans. W.C.Fields
  • The early bird gets the worm. So remember, you’d really be an idiot to be an early worm.


Do not let anyone take away the rights with which you were born.

In the United States constitution freedoms of speech, religion and association are three of the several human rights identified. Do not trust any person, group, or politician that wants to take away basic freedoms…even from those which you disagree. For sooner or later they will disagree with you and want to deny your freedoms. Be careful of those who say they believe in democracy then constantly attack their political enemies when their side doesn’t win. Be careful to guard your freedoms from any one right or left. They are your freedoms. You were born with great rights and freedoms. Protect your rights. Be careful to protect other people and their rights. Only with a commitment to all persons’  freedoms can we have a free society. Be careful of those who teach hate and are only about the freedoms and points of view they agree with.

Your rights are precious. Be careful. Do not let the haters win.




A Beautiful Day

I unplugged and walked into the country-side. The cool mist of the morning caressed my face refreshing my senses. The grass swished under my feet and little of the quietness soaked in,

Down the valley carpets of blue red and yellow flowers stretched before me. Blue spruce lined the far end of the floral mural highlighted by the rising sun.

A doe and a frisky fawn crossed the meadow seemingly unaware of my presence. Immobile and silent I watched them cross on out of sight.

I needed this. So much anger and hate in the media, in politics. I needed to remind myself that that’s not all there is. That’s not even a big part of the whole of human existence.

The music of the birds and the gentle breeze are so soothing. The warming sun caresses me and comforts me.

My day in nature is great. But I wonder if the lack of the negative is as much responsible for a great day as the beauty nature has to offer. I think both or either would do any soul good.

I need to have more great days. I need to consciously shut down the negative intake and on-purpose  replace that with beauty of some sort.

I encourage all my friends to do the same. Remember…SMILE!



Friends and Fun

images (1)

  • Some men will have their first dollar. The man who is really rich is the one who still has his first friend.
  • Keep a fair-sized cemetery in your back yard, in which to bury the faults of yor friends. Henry Ward Beecher
  • He whose hand is clasped in friendship cannot throw mud.
  • A friend is a present you give yourself. Robert Louis Stevenson

We are in the time of fairs, festivals and such. Get out of the house enjoy yourselves. But better than that, share the experiences. Events are often richer when shared with feiends and family, just like blogs.


Enjoy Share Love



Lighten Up


  • Behind every President of the United States-there stands a proud wife and a flabbergasted mother-in-law.
  • There’s nothing wrong with our foreign policy that faith, hope, and clarity couldn’t cure.
  • This horse took so long to come in, the jockey carried a change of saddle.
  • Internal Revenue Service: the world’s most successful mail order business.
  • You look at the news- murders, bombings, muggings-and sometimes you wonder, maybe the Native Americans should have had stricter immigration laws.
  • This could be very big! Plastic song sheets for people who sing in the shower.
  • I once knew a glassblower who got the hiccups. Turned out 700 crystal balls before we could stop him.
  • History tells us Lincoln once walked nine miles to borrow a book-so now we close libraries on his birthday.


Sometimes we need to lighten up. We get so worried about things that we forget to live. It is therapeutic to occasionally set our fears and uncertainties aside and enjoy the moment. Too much stress will often rob you of great experiences available all around you.



A Beautiful World


At the end of a day enclosed by walls and focused on our tasks. how wonderful to step outside and see a bigger more beautiful and vibrant reality!


The sky is scenery an artwork that convinces me that its beauty is not mere happenstance.

Icy Mountains Wallpapers (1)

How can a place be so beautiful and so rough, so inviting and so dangerous?

Sometimes it is really easy to smile.


May your week be a positive one and your attitude even more so.